My Tryst with Art

We all know that Art is not truthArt is a lie that makes us realize truth, at least the truth that is given us to understand. The artist must know the manner whereby to convince others of the truthfulness of his lies.

Pablo Picasso, Artist

When I was much younger, I remember my father reading out a joke from a Malayalam magazine which took a dig at modern art and abstract art. It was about a child’s question to his father on what to interpret from this piece which had impressions of an eye, a nose, a mouth, a moustache and so on. The father very expertly takes a look at the art work from different angles interprets, “This was the artist trying to assimilate what his father would have looked like”. I recall laughing at this horrendously derogatory joke.

As I grew older, my father would take me to some of the art exhibition’s in Bangalore, where I even managed to meet some eminent painters. Though my questions remained unanswered about abstract and even about the non abstracts.

In the last 20 years, I have met several people who learnt art at “Chitra Kala Parishad, Bangalore” and pursued careers which nothing to do art. They have a mind of their own which very few people understand. It slowly dawned on me that we as a country take pride in art as a part of the culture, but we cannot appreciate, value or understand various artists or their work as they have created irrespective of the artist being an Indian or Otherwise.

As I continued to explore over the last decade, it began to be even more clear to me that creative people might be one the most misunderstood souls. They have their eccentricities and challenges in how they are able to articulate and in ways others understand them. These are gifted people with certain faculties far stronger than what we seem to have established as normal people. They are above normal. The strengths they possess aren’t just hobbies, but core life altering skills. The various travel experiences have been very insightful for me.

The importance of art as an intense free form of expression, communication, education, documentation and protected assets has been recorded from neolithic times.

I wanted to understand art and thanks to some dear friends, I got introduced to several new dimensions to the art world. I began to crack the code to enjoy art beyond visual processes. Often, when I meet an artist with an intent of investing in their creation, I ask them to explain the art they have created, their thoughts around it. Most of the time the response I get is “The piece of art is whatever you as a person of interest interpret it to be”. This response wasn’t something I could agree.

I spend significantly longer time with artists now, to understand them. I tell them “you are the creator of this piece and I don’t want to pick something where I can’t resonate with the artists’ thoughts, feelings and dimensions.

In my current journey of exploring life beyond the mundane, I find joy in finding opportunities to promote, inspire and connect people to appropriate articulation of art created.

Columbus for Art is an attempt to bring people and artists closer. It aims to inspire people about art and expand the engagement possibilities.